National Novel Writing Month In The Southwest

Today marks the start of National Novel Writing Month!

National Novel Writing Month In The Southwest

Albuquerque has been home to numerous authors, so if you’re hoping to absorb some inspiration while you’re in town,you’ll need to know the best places to go and write!

Albuquerque Main Library

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Só deixando registrado esse lugar lindo que tem me acompanhado aqui em Miami. Um lugar aconchegante, cheio de livros e silêncio. Me faz sempre repensar na importância de estar em silêncio. A gente aprende tanto. O conhecimento é mesmo algo ímpar. Gratidão por essa oportunidade! Espero voltar para o Brasil cheia de novas atribuições para ajudar as pessoas. ❤️ Nós vivemos em um universo que é, ao mesmo tempo, gigantesco o suficiente para nos envolver e pequeno o bastante para caber em nosso coração. A alma do mundo se esconde no silêncio da sabedoria. Tudo em nós funciona perfeitamente bem e em harmonia com a natureza. O que há de bonito no dia de hoje? Procure reparar, porque esta é a melhor imagem de você mesmo. Desejo muita dessa energia da Main Library e toda energia por trás desses silêncios imersos em livros, páginas e no saber. Ele transforma tudo! Deposite energia no que realmente vale. #nutricaocomportamental #transtornoalimentar #nutricaogentil #nutriellencocino #library #miami

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Located near the hotel, the library is always a great option to work remotely or get some writing done.  It’s quiet, offers free wi-fi and access to printers, and has all the information you might need. Additionally, in November, the library hosts NaNoWriMo events, where you can meet others also aiming to produce the ambitious 50,000 words.

Zendo Coffee

A coffee shop may be cliche for writers, but there’s good reason for that.  Everyone needs a bit of caffeine before they can fill up a blank white page.  Zendo is a great place to go to work, because the drinks are amazing, the seating is comfortable, and the cafe has a great Southwestern vibe.  If you get hungry, they have some nice and quick food offerings that won’t distract you from your unfinished manuscript, and if you need a break – or are trying to procrastinate – you can do some nice people-watching.


If you need more of an office-like space to stay focused, try FreeRange.  Their coworking space offers an inexpensive week-long pass, and you can even upgrade to a completely private office.  Coffee and drinks are on hand, and the wi-fi is included, so you’ll be fully prepared to type out the Great American Novel.

Christy Mae’s

A restaurant may not seem like an obvious place to sit for hours and write, but Christy Mae’s is excellent – both for inspiration and for your stomach.  The family-style food is delicious, and the staff is so accommodating, they’ll not only not question your laptop, but they’ll ensure your drink stays full.  Make sure to take a break with a piece of peanut butter pie!


This cigar bar may bring a whole new vibe to your writing.  The rooftop patio bar can make you a cocktail so you can get your Hemingway on, or enjoy a cigar while you type – they have small round tables set up that are perfectly-sized to knock out a couple of chapters.

Embrace Albuquerque’s literary side by trying your hand at NaNoWriMo while you’re in town!