Eat Around The World In Albuquerque – Asia

Indulge in some exotic food from Asia – right here in Albuquerque!

Eat Around The World In Albuquerque - Asia

You’ve already visited North and South America, Europe, and Africa – what food does the largest continent have to offer?

China: Fun Noodle Bar

Enjoy steamed pork dumplings before dining on the restaurant’s namesake: Chinese-style noodle bowls.  There’s a variety of options, but one of the best is the black ramen – it comes with pork, nori, egg, green onion, and plenty of garlic.  If you’re looking for something cold, try the noodles with sesame sauce – they’re boldly flavorful.

India: Curry Leaf

Indian food spans a variety of flavors, and Curry Leaf does a good job covering that variety.  Some dishes are spicy, some are more mild, and while you won’t find a lot of beef, there’s plenty to eat.  Start with the vegetable samosas, which are Indian dumplings.  One of the best entrees is the Reshmi chicken – it’s not too spicy for most palates, and the yogurt in the sauce makes it just a bit creamy.  Regardless, finish your meal with mango malwa, an ice cream with mango pulp that is so refreshing, you won’t believe it’s dessert!

Japan: Takumi

Takumi has both the standard hibachi offerings and some more unique Japanese dishes, such as the shrimp donburi, which has a bit of heat due to the jalapeno peppers.  Start your meal with the tropical sashimi salad, which has raw tuna and salmon, as well as a variety of fresh fruit, all drizzled with a spicy mustard dressing.

Vietnam: Basil Leaf

Basil Leaf offers and amazing papaya salad that includes shrimp, pork, and peanuts, a staple in Vietnamese cuisine.  Pair it with pho beef noodle soup – they use ridiculously tender brisket, and lemongrass brightens the overall flavor!

Korea: Asian Pear

Asian Pear actually offers dishes from a variety of Southeast Asian countries, but one of the stars of the menu is their Korean barbecue beef bowl, served over rice and glass noodles, and accented with mixed vegetables.  The sauce is amazing, and showcases Oriental flavors extremely well.

Russia: Cafe Istanbul

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Cafe Istanbul serves Eastern European food, but some of their dishes are technically Russian.  Try the shish kebabs, or “shashlyk”, cubes of beef with a special spice rub, and served with rice and tomatoes.  It’s delicious and comforting, perfect for those cold Russian winters – or autumn in Albuquerque!

Thailand: Asian Street Food

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Another restaurant with a variety of ethnic dishes, Asian Street Food does a fantastic Bangkok Hot and Spicy bowl – but it is definitely hot!  The chili pepper certainly packs a punch, but the tamarind does balance the spice with some sweetness, making this a fairly nuanced dish.

Philippines: Bubblicitea Cafe

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While not some place you can go for dinner, this cafe is the perfect place for a break.  Order a flavored bubble tea and sit down with a delicious pastry – the taro pastries are interesting, and the ube custard cake is divine – sweet and decadent.  If you need something that can pass as lunch, try their pork floss bun – it’s a Filipino favorite.

Mongolia: Genghis Grill

A Mongolian grill is always a fun place to eat, and Genghis Grill has a great assortment of options for you to choose from when making your bowl.  However, if it’s your first time, try their signature Mongolian steak bowl, which showcases the unique cooking style and is already a perfect mix of flavors.

Enjoy dining on some fun Asian cuisine!