Coming Up: Santa Fe Renaissance Faire

Travel back to the 1500’s at the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire!

Coming Up: Santa Fe Renaissance Faire


Enjoy delicious food, both old and new, at the various food stands set up.  Chomp on a giant roast turkey leg, or indulge in some sweet and light fry bread.  You’ll also find crepes, kettle corn, and coffee, among other items, to enjoy as you wander through the fair.  Adults will also have the option of ale or mead.


This is a great place to start your holiday shopping, or just pick up some fun souvenirs.  From hair jewelry to ceramic mugs, there is nothing you can’t find.  Buy your favorite child a toy dragon to sit on their shoulder, and your family history buff may love getting a copy of the familial Coat of Arms.  You will even find swords – something no household should be without.


The performances are the real draw to the Renaissance Festival.  You can see belly dancers, flamenco dancers, Irish dancers, and even a minstrel show.  Kids can attend a princess tea party, a magic show, or even pirate camp, where they can learn to sail the seven seas.  And the History Corner is informative and fun, as you learn about life during the Renaissance from historical figures like the Duke of Norfolk.  At the end of the day, of course, is the biggest event of them all – the joust!  Knights will compete on horseback as you cheer them on to win the king’s favor.  It’s always a good show.

Don’t miss the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire on September 14th and 15th!