Coming Up: Friends And Lovers Balloon Rally

See the beauty of hot air balloons filling the sky!

Coming Up: Friends And Lovers Balloon Rally

The Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally is the second biggest rally in the country for hot air balloon rallies.  Over 100 balloons are present, dotting the sky with bright colors, and giving people new to the sport plenty of opportunity to learn how these giant balloons rise and float so gracefully.  You’ll even meet balloon racers and see balloons in unique shapes and designs!

This event focuses on celebrating balloon pilots and crews for their skill, hard work, and passion for hot air balloons.  Various contests are held throughout the festival to honor those who excel in their field, and in between contests, the public can even enjoy tether rides, so that the love of ballooning spreads farther.  It’s beautiful and a fun event to do with your loved one just before Valentine’s Day.

Have fun at the Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally!