Coming Up: Albuquerque Comic-Con

Don’t miss Albuquerque’s biggest sci-fi and fandom event, Comic-Con!

Coming Up: Albuquerque Comic-Con

January 17th kicks off the three-day event where comic book fans and members of other fandoms come together to learn more about their favorite shows, movies, games, and graphic novels, as well as meet others with similar interests!

Some of the amazing celebrities you’ll have the chance to meet include Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints, Dexter), Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk), Patricia Velasquez (The Mummy), Ralph Macchio (The Outsiders, Karate Kid), and Tait Fletcher (The Mandalorian), among many, many others.  There will be various meet-and-greets, photo sessions, and even seminars and Q&As to attend!

Beyond the celebrity events, there are plenty of other activities to attend.  See a burlesque show or attend a Sci-fi speed dating event.  There’s even a Roaring 20s party to belatedly celebrate the new year!

Comic-Con is sure to be a fun weekend so don’t miss it!