Can You Escape In Albuquerque?

If you’re looking to test your puzzle solving skills, visit one of these great escape rooms in Albuquerque!

Can You Escape In Albuquerque!

Esqape It!

This facility has three great options and gives you 1 hour to solve the puzzles and find your way out!  Find out the truth the government is hiding and escape the government facility before you get caught in Roswell, or arrange a meeting with a spy but end up in the enemy’s lair in Deepsky.  New to Esqape It! is their Stowed Away room, where you have to escape the pirate ship before they make you walk the plank!

New Mexico Escape Room

Take down the mob in Bombshell, or steal the pharoah’s jewels in Nefertari’s Tomb – if you can avoid the deadly traps that have been set.  Or the brave will enjoy visiting Blackwell Manor, where you time travel back 100 years and have to find your way back to present day, while avoiding the residents of the mansion – both living and dead.

Bust Out Escape Room

Bust Out is one of the best for uniquely themed rooms.  Visit a Mayan temple and avoid the curses and traps, or find out if you can survive movie murderer Jason Vorhees at Crystal Lake.  For those who love the holiday season, try Christmas Chaos, where it falls on you to save Christmas.  The reindeer have gone wild, the elves aren’t working, and there’s no holiday spirit to be found!

Escape The Room

This one really puts the pressure on.  There are a lot of rooms to try, so you can experience a different one every time you’re in town.  In Submarine, the captain has gone crazy, and you need to get the submarine off the ocean floor before he destroys it and everyone else on board.  If you’re a Michael Crichton fan, you’ll love Jurassic Escape, where you have to stop the evil villian from releasing dinosaurs into the city and stomping it to pieces.  And for those who fancy being a detective, try Theater, where you need to solve the mystery going on behind the scenes before the curtain falls.

Put your mind to the test in these escape rooms and see if you can make it out before time’s up!