Best Diner you Might Want to Visit in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a vibrant, cultural metropolis with a fascinatingly complex past. In the more than 300 years since its inception, the town has seen Old West outlaws, Route 66 road trippers and the growth of the world’s largest hot-air balloon festival. Albuquerque’s culinary scene includes Native American cuisine, Mexican paletas and, of course, chili, the uncontested king of New Mexican cuisine.

Golden Crown Panaderia

New Mexico’s official state cookie is the biscochito, an anise-and-cinnamon-flavored cookie with a long regional tradition of being served at festivals and holidays. Golden Crown Panaderia offers traditional biscochitos and new flavor combinations such as cappuccino and blue corn. Blue corn from the Isleta Pueblo and green chili with Parmesan are two of the bakery’s specialties.

Bowl of ramen at Naruto

Naruto serves Hakata-style ramen across the street from the University of New Mexico. Tonkotsu ramen, or pork broth ramen, is a popular ramen dish made with Chashu Pork. The famous Tonkotsu ramen dish is made with pig broth and Chashu Pork and comes in two flavors: regular and extra rich.

Classic New Mexican:  El Pinto

To produce an ever-changing menu, they employ local, seasonal and sustainable foods and try to make as much fresh, in-house and from scratch as possible. By supporting them, you are also helping a network of local farmers and businesses who share their interest in farming, brewing, coffee roasting, fishing, even hydroponics.