ABQ Instagram Accounts You’ll Love

If you want recommendations from locals or updates on the most current ABQ happenings, we’ve put together a list of social media accounts you should follow.

ABQ Instagram Accounts To Follow


This fashion blogger is a great source of Albuquerque style!  See different outfits she puts together so that you can dress like a local while you’re in town.  She also shares local events and restaurant recommendations, so that you have some suggestions on where to eat while you’re in town.


If you’re a coffee lover, this account is for you.  The entire feed is pictures of pretty coffee and recommendations for local coffee shops.  You can literally just visit the recommendations every day, and enjoy experiencing the various coffee experiences across the city.


Two sisters run this account and they venture all over Albuquerque to find the best food and take tantalizing photos of it.  Ten minutes scrolling through their photos will make you very hungry, but you can check out their favorite places while you’re in town.


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This instagrammer is great for seeing the local side of life.  She takes photos of general life around town, primarily nature, so you can see just how gorgeous ABQ is.  You may love some of her pictures so much, you decide to hike “with” her to see the beautiful scenery.


This is a group account with photos of local Albuquerque scenes, as well as heads-ups on local events.  You’ll be able to see different things going on around town, and find interesting spots that locals love.  The majority of the photos are stunning, and show exactly how gorgeous New Mexico is.


This account is just as it says – pictures of everything Albuquerque-related, from the farmer’s market to special events.  Get food recommendations, sights to see, and great shopping ideas from their feed and embrace the local culture.


This account has some of the most stunningly beautiful photos you’ll ever see.  The photographer takes images of the Albuquerque scenery and while it is always beautiful, you can feel his love for the landscape in the mood of the pictures.  A quick glance through his feed and you’re not going to want to just visit, you’ll want to move here.

Enjoy the aesthetic side of Albuquerque as you get ready to come visit and don’t miss out on anything with suggestions from these accounts!